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Dean of student affair,
Mrs Azeez

The Student affair unit responsible for welfare of the student, the department is the headed by Dean of student affair . Fatai Azeez is the first DSA of the school from 2013 to date.
Being a student can present you with many personal and emotional challenges. Counselling can be helpful for all kinds of difficulties, whether you are dealing with something quite serious that you have struggled with for many years, or something small that has happened recently. Our Counsellors are full versed in the College rules and regulations and can support you in your time of needs. Students Affairs Unit offers free and confidential advice to all students. So there is no need to worry on your own.

Our network of professional student services offers information, advice and practical help to enable you to take full advantage of the opportunities offered.
The Unit is headed by a Dean who reports directly to the Rector of the College. She is assisted by a Sub-Dean heads the Counselling Department of the Unit and reports to the Dean.
There are two Departments:
1. Student’s Welfare
2. Sports
Under Welare:
a). ACCOMMODATION b.) CONVENIENCES Virtually no part of our campus is more than a few minutes’ walk from anywhere else and almost every student’s need is catered for on campus. There are food shops/restaurants, shops for everyday needs; cybercafés and business centres; a postal agency and one bank. There are also bookshops and markets a few minutes away from the campus.
Students run over 40 societies and clubs offering a host of cultural, special interest and leisure activities to satisfy every taste and make life-long friends.
d). Religion
Our sporting facilities are standard. A sporting complex consisting of 2 big pavilions, a football pitch surrounded by an up-to-date athletics (tartan) tracks basketball and volleyball courts.

Mass communication department during Matriculation