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KM2 Irra Road Offa, Kwara State Nigeria.

Motto: Skills, Knowledges & Ethics!


ICT directorate,

Alim Muritala

The Centre for CITM is a unit under the rectory which provides important tools such as supporting delivery of information technology processing and adding credibility to all information generated by the college.

Function of the Unit;

  • Development and management of the new college portal
  • Managing the college IT resources
  • Maintenance and repair of the computer system in the college
  • Managing the college Local Area Network (LAN), Intranet and internet Access
  • Giving Technical Advice on computer and computer related acquisition
  • Software Development
  • Giving IT training to staff of the college
  • Network INfrastructure procurement, design, development and deployment
  • Managing the college IT resources
  • Managing the E-library

  • List of some ICT staffs

    ICT Administrative Block