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KM2 Irra Road Offa, Kwara State Nigeria.

Motto: Skills, Knowledges & Ethics!


The Registrar,
Dunmoye Olayemi Akeem Msc

The Registry responsible to the Rector for day to day administration of the school who is the head of Registry department. Dunmoye Olayemi Akeem is the first registrar of the school from 2013 to date.

Mission Statement

  • The mission statement of registry is to provide purposeful, prompt, quantitative and effective administrative support to the school to achieve the set goal and objectives
  • There shall be a Registrar to the polytechnic who shall be responsible to the Rector for the day- to-day administration of the polytechnic and shall perform such other duties as the Governing Councilor, as the case may be; the Rector may from time to time require him to do.
  • The Registrar shall be the secretary to the Governing Council, the Academic Board and any committee of the Governing Council and shall attend all the meetings of those bodies unless excused for good reason by the chairman of the Governing Council.
  • In the absence of the Registrar, the Chairman of the Governing Council may, after consultation with the Rector, appoint a suitable person to act as secretary for any particular meeting of the Governing Council.
  • The secretary to the Governing Councilor a person appointed to act under subsection (3) of this section shall not vote on any question before the Governing Councilor count towards a quorum unless he is so entitled as a member of the Governing Council.