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Mission Mission

The mission of the school is summed up in the slogan ” To build exceptional man power and entrepreneurs based on skills knowledge and ethics” The school is out to build man power and entrepreneurs that are exceptional. Our mission is to teach the best and most conventional skills that will make our students fit to be integrated into the industry both as employers and employee; giving them the knowledge to make them high flyers in their careers. We also assure that all our students are well cultured and learn the ethics that will make them better personalities in the society. Lens Polytechnic uses a unique and innovative approach to teach the skills and knowledge needed to be mastered in the students’ career path. Our learning and teaching process is designed to be personalized such that all the students are given the required attention, therefore there is no room for failure. We do not succeed unless our students succeed. All the school programmes are designed to be practical based so our success is easily verifiable in practice.

Vision Vision

The school hopes to be the best polytechnic in Nigeria in a ten years period; within this period the school intends to raise the bar of polytechnic education in Nigeria with an unprecedented service delivery and exceptional innovative technology. We have not only set these targets but we have put mechanisms in place for the achievement of these set targets within this period. We hope you will be with us to celebrate our success.